Making sure of the safety of your employees, build the image of a socially responsible company and give your business a unique quality by using NoEM Electro Protector.

NoEM for your business


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Czarno-biała ikona złożona z liter
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EU Directive regulates the EM Field exposure levels in the work place

The need to maintain an appropriate ‘electrohygiene’ in a work place has been highlighted by many international organisations such as the European Union. The EU Directive of the 26th of June 2013 sets out a minimum health and safety requirement to protect workers from electromagnetic fields. New safety laws are to be implemented by the EU Member States (including the UK) by the 1st of July 2016. This EM Field directive completely changes the existing rules for protecting against EM Fields for UK companies.

Several hours of EM Field exposure can affect concentration. NoEM shields and absorbs EM Field ensuring work safety and comfort.

Efficient covering white paint – just one coat is enough to get a good coverage.
It is intended for all kinds of mineral substrates.

NoEM prevents the attraction of dust and dirt, keeping large, out of reach areas clean.

NoEM is a great quality white primer.
It is a base for further decorative top coats
and speeds up the process of getting the property to the builder’s finish condition.

Safety data
sheet – MSDS

Technical data
sheet – TDS

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